June 22, 2020 First Baptist Church of Thermopolis

Winning the West... Devotionals that reach people

Winning the West... Devotionals that reach people

By: Pastor Harvey Seidel

Lois and I have worked in the Western United States all of our ministry of over 55 years. Both of us grew up on the farm in Iowa and we think that background of being “farm kids” has helped us to understand the Western mentality. I would like to in this devotional give some principles that are important in winning western people to Christ. 

Principle #1. Conviction must come from the Holy Spirit.

If we try and be the Holy Spirit, we will get nowhere fast. Maybe this is true of all people, but it especially true of the rancher and cowboy or the small community person. Ours is not be bring about a decision, it is to simply present the truth and let God do the work. 

Marvin Rickard in his book, “Let It Grow” said the church is a living organism, get out of the way, or take away those things that hinder growth and it will grow! He is right, and when we take ourselves out of the way and let God through His Spirit bring about changes they will be life long changes.  

We often want to be that Holy Spirit when God really doesn’t need our help. We think if we can nudge them a little it will help but not so. Always, always include yourself in any area you might want to discuss. If you say "man is a sinner", it goes, "we are all sinners." You don’t need to say, "do you agree?"... Let God bring that conviction. 

Principle #2. Use the Word of God.

I find that if they can see it in their bible, it means more. One time I was witnessing to a Roman Catholic man and quoted a verse of scripture. “Where does it say that?” he asked. I asked him if he had a bible and he scurried off and came back with one of those big white Bibles that usually just sit around. It was a Catholic edition, but it had the right words, and I showed him the verse I was talking about and he asked the Lord into his heart from just seeing it in his own Bible!

Our opinions don’t matter, but God’s word is powerful (Hebrews 4:12). 

Principle #3. Don’t be afraid to ask the dynamite question. 

More souls are lost because we are timid. ASK: “Would you like to receive Christ right now as your savior?” We are not salesmen but if we have been careful to lay the foundation of principle #1, and used the Word of principle #2, then it stands to reason we need to ask! Do you want to receive Christ right now! Being a witness and a soul winner takes a Holy Boldness. Ask God to give you that HOLY BOLDNESS as you seek to lead men to Christ. 

Harvey Seidel recently retired as the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Thermopolis where he had pastored for 26 years. Before Thermopolis, he was the founder and director of Baptist Church Planting West where he spent 30 years in Church planting all over the West. Bible teaching and expository preaching define the pulpit ministry of Pastor Seidel. Making the Bible both real and practical is his goal in ministry.