Missions- A Worldwide Impact

Here at First Baptist Church, we believe strongly in the Great Commission, and support many missionaries around the world!

Eric & Stephanie Chapman- Central Asia

Mark & Sabrina Holmes- Nigeria, West Africa

Doug & Tricia Hounshell- Church Planters in Southwestern Utah

Joe & Esther Keim- Amish Missions

Rebecca Pope- Medical Missions

Daniel & Hannah Schwalbe- Deaf of India

Nathan & Christie Winters- Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming

Gary & Artis Zimmerman- Jewish Missions

National Center for Life & Liberty

Tom & Brenda Guffey- Camp des Cimes, France

Camp Bethel, Wyoming

Matt & Rebekah Lindquist

Retired Missionaries

Dennis & Rose Bergstrazer- Indonesia

Linda Belleque

Marvin Cowan- Utah

John & Karen Swedberg- Brazil

Birne & Lynella Wiley- Texas