New Here?

New or Planning a Visit?

Below are some answers to the questions you might have:

What can I expect when I visit?

You will find a friendly congregation waiting to welcome you. Regardless of your nationality, income level, education level, or occupation in life, there is a place for you and your family in our church family. Typically, if you are first time visitor we will ask you to fill out our visitors card. We do not use your information to spam you or anything, it is just a way for us to get to know you.

Regular Sunday Schedule:

Sunday School: Our Sunday School program has a long rich history here at First Baptist Church. We have classes for all ages and life stages starting at 9:45 AM every Sunday Morning. Find out more at Adult Ministries, Teen Ministries, Children's Ministries

Morning Worship and Preaching Service: Our Sunday morning worship service at 11:00 AM is one hour long. This service includes congregational singing, special music, and the preaching and teaching of God's Word, the Bible. Our music is considered traditional and conservative in style. This service is also broadcasted live onto our website, social media, and our local radio station 101.7 FM. Find out more at Music Ministry, Livestream

Evening Worship and Preaching Service: Our Sunday evening service at 6:00 PM is typically about 1 hour long. This service includes congregational singing, and the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. The Evening Service is less evangelistic in nature and more a church family growth time. This service is also broadcasted over our livestream.

Mid-Week Bible Study:

Wednesday Bible Study: Our Wednesday mid-week service at 7:00 PM is one hour in length. This service includes congregational singing, testimony time, prayer requests, and the teaching of God’s Word. On Wednesdays we also host a Teen Bible Study in the basement, and a Children's Bible Club. All of these begin and end at the same time.

What should I wear to church?

We do not have a "dress code" at our church. Wear what you already have in your closet. You will see our pastors dressed in suits and ties, and some people "dressed up" in their "Sunday best" and some will be more casually dressed. More important than what you wear is that you come with a honest and open heart.

What precautions do you take for COVID-19?

The precautions we take ultimately depend on the situation at hand in our area. Being a rural community, our situation is almost ALWAYS different than that of major populated areas on the coasts. Currently, we do not pass offering plates, or host a handshaking greeting time during the service. We have placed at the entrances Hand Sanitizers, and Masks for those who wish to use them. Also, and obviously, our cleaning of the church has increased, and we do sanitize the building every week.

We do not ignore the situation, but we do trust in the Lord and do our best to wisely steward what he has given us.

Do I have to bring a Bible?

We believe the Bible is God's only Word for us today and is the “instruction manual” for this life and all eternity. There are plenty of extra Bibles in each row that are within arm's reach of your seat during the church service in case you didn't bring one. If you would like a Bible, please speak to one of the pastors or deacons and we would more than happy to offer you a free Bible.

Our church uses the regular Authorized Version of the Bible; commonly called the King James Version.

Will I be asked to give money?

Giving an offering is simply an act of worship and obedience for the folks who call First Baptist their church home. As a visitor, you just being here is enough. So please don't feel obligated to give when the offering plates are passed, unless you freely desire to do so.

*Currently we are not passing the offering plate. All offerings are dropped off in the offering basket or with the church secretary or giving online*


Do you have nursery/child-care for my baby and small children?

We love children! We believe it is important for families to worship together. However, we have a nursery staffed with caring volunteers for the young children during all of our morning services just in case you need it. Your child's safety and spiritual well-being is important to us. Our nursery is for children who are newborn through age three.

We have a Children’s Church ministry during the 11:00 AM service. Children, age 4-Grade 4, sit with their parents during the song service, they are then dismissed prior to the preaching time. The Children’ Church ministry enables small children to hear an age-appropriate Bible story, sing some more songs, and occasionally have a craft.

Children's Ministries

Do you offer counseling?

Most of life's problems and issues can be solved by simply applying the Biblical truths given during the regular church services. However, if you have spiritual questions or spiritual problems that need more personal attention, please feel free to contact Pastor Tony Newhouse to schedule a time to meet in person.Contact Us

Can we get married at First Baptist Church if we aren't members?

We love to see people get married! Please visit with our Pastors to find out about our wedding policy. Even if you're not a member, do not hesitate to ask!

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Can the church host our loved ones memorial service or funeral service even if we are not members?

The answer is almost always a yes dependent on the church schedule and the Pastors schedule. We do not rent out the building, but we can arrange plans for hosting this event for you. Every Memorial Service is different and unique, but we do have a funeral policy on what we allow and not allow during the services. This not usually a problem, but please reach out to us to find out details! We would more than pleased to come along side you and your family during this time of loss.

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What's in the name "Baptist"?

This church is a Baptist church by conviction and principle, not by affiliation. This means that we believe the basic Bible teachings for which Baptists have historically stood. As Baptists, we believe the following:

  • The Bible is our sole authority for faith and practice.
  • The church should be autonomous or self-governing.
  • The believer does not need a priest, other than Jesus Christ, to come boldly to God. Every Christian has equal access to God personally.
  • God's Word gives us two ordinances for the church-baptism and the Lord's Table.
  • Each person is individually responsible for his decision to accept Christ.
  • The separation of church and state is biblical.
  • The believer is eternally secure and cannot lose salvation.
  • There are two biblical offices in the church—pastors and deacons.

What does it mean to be an "independent" or "unaffiliated" Baptist?

As an independent Baptist church, we are not affiliated with any particular Baptist denomination or ruling body. Because of this we can support our own missionaries, select our own leaders, and support institutions that believe as we believe. In short, our church answers to the headship of Jesus Christ rather than a denominational body.

For more information on what we believe, please see our Doctrinal Statement